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Kelly Rothwell

Kelly was born and raised in Napier, Aotearoa, and the majority of her higher education was gained at Waikato and Massey University’s. Having worked for a few years with a research organisation focusing on qualitative workplace culture, and then with the Electoral Commission, Kelly then set out to gain international experience working and living in Europe, Australia and the USA. Kelly is a registered Psychologist with extensive knowledge and experience in culture change, leadership development, human behaviour and scientific research adaptation. Kelly has diverse experience leading teams across a wide variety of industries including mining, utilities, environmental services, banking and finance and health and education. Through her role as WLA’s Head of School, Kelly has become intimately aware of the unique challenges and opportunities women face on the international stage. She is deeply committed to creating a dedicated women & leadership Initiative in New Zealand and ensuring the country’s female leaders have access to the very best developmental opportunities.​

Director, Women & Leadership Australia

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Friday 17 November 2017​

Fort Macquarie Room, InterContinental

Friday 17 November 2017​

Fort Macquarie Room, InterContinental


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Carina Bates

​Executive Director, Strategic Communications,
NSW Health Pathology

Carina has 25 years’ experience in strategic communications. She has worked across the healthcare, government, consumer marketing and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and the United States. Carina has built a stellar reputation as a trusted leader and strategic advisor in areas such as media relations, issues management, corporate communications and strategic positioning.  She also provides communication skills training to enhance the capabilities of her colleagues. Carina has a passion for finding and sharing compelling stories that connect with, influence and inspire others. She uses her personal experiences with depression and anxiety to foster more open and honest conversations about mental illness and empower others improve their own mental health.​​




Personal and professional resilience is not only about strength through adversity but the ability to grow and adapt as a result of disruption. In this way we learn to move forward stronger than before. Participants are asked to consider resilience at both a personal and strategic level and through their leadership build resilience in their teams and manage challenging situations more effectively.​

Annabelle chauncy OAM

​Founding Director of School For Life Foundation (SFL)

Annabelle Chauncy OAM is the Founding Director of School For Life Foundation (SFL). SFL is a grassroots organisation that has built and runs 2 schools in rural Uganda (with a third school in development). The schools provide high quality education to more than 400 primary students (including children with disabilities), vocational training to more than 100 adults, clean drinking water, electricity, community outreach and medical treatment to their surrounding communities. SFL employs more than 150 people across three continents. Annabelle was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2015. She has raised over $4 million in five years and her role includes management in Australia and Uganda of strategy, governance, human resources, fundraising and sponsorship, marketing, media and events. In 2012, Annabelle was named in Australian Financial Review & Westpac's Top 100 Women of Influence 2012 and voted Cosmopolitan Magazine's 2012 Role Model of the Year. Annabelle was a finalist in 2 categories of the NSW Telstra Businesswomen's Awards 2013 for Business Innovation and Young Businesswoman. Annabelle was the winner of the Australian Women's Weekly and Qantas' Woman of the Future award in 2014.







In today’s fast paced environment, change is something we all have to face. As leaders it is imperative that we understand the effects of change, how to engage people in change and how to support others through the change process. Change can be anything from minor alterations to workflow systems to major organisational restructures and downsizing. Many change efforts fail because the people leading them are not equipped with the skills to manage them successfully. If handled badly change can lead to negative outcomes such as confusion and wasted effort, low morale and decreases in productivity – handled well it can lead to lasting gains and increased job satisfaction. During the session, participants are asked to consider change at both a personal and strategic level and go on to learn how to enable those around them to embrace the change process and manage challenging situations more effectively.







Through the Managing Your Career Path session, we will consider where we are now and where we would like to be, and what we need to do to get there.  We will also explore some less obvious ways of approaching career transitions, how to build and establish networks for satisfaction and success, and how to develop a focused career action plan that makes the most of your attributes.



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